Lladró "Conversation I" Vase - Lladro

Lladró "Conversation I" by Jaime Hayon - porcelain vase.

Blue / white check background

Designer : Jaime Hayon (2008)

Price: 1 650,00 €

With its exquisite porcelains and decorative pieces highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs, the Lladró name does not need any introduction. 

Lladró Atelier was conceived as an 'idea laboratory' which experiments with projects proposed by the brand's in-house designers. This creative space was created to oversee ideas that are different, special, or that require an unconventional method, treatment or extended experimentation in the porcelain making process.

The Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon was born in Madrid in 1974, and has been listed in Time magazine as one of the world's 100 most important designers, and in Wallpaper as one of the most influential artists of the last decade.

Hayon has established studios in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, and his interests lie in meeting new challenges and opportunities. His vision extends beyond the frontiers between art, interior architecture and design, and with an exquisite touch he brings to contemporary design culture the renaissance of complex and elaborate objects, across the spectrum of furniture, decorative objects, home interiors, sculptures and art installations.

The Fantasy Collection combines classic Lladró style with the characteristic whimsical magic of Hayon, resulting in original, avant-garde creations. It is, as the artist himself describes "to contaminate, in a positive way, the world of Lladró with mine".

For this reason, both parties are already discussing a "perfect fusion" between what can be expressed in porcelain and the fantasy characters of Hayon's world.

Jaime Hayon reinterprets an item that has long been part of the Lladró tradition, and creates and original vase inspired by the great pieces of the beginning of the 20th century. Its size makes this vase a real sculptural work. Over its functionality, the expression of its design is outstanding, with four expressive faces that seem to 'talk' and tell us a story of fantasy, magic and splendor. A playful touch is provided by the top of the vase, on which one of the character in The Lover series will sit perfectly.

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