Scented Candle - Feathers - Baobab Collection

Feathers scented candle with notes of Black Rose and Agarwood

Hand made.

Hand painted glass pot.

Download and read usage instructions carefully before use.

Estimated burning times:

Max 10 : 60h

Max 16 : 150h

Max 24 : 400h

Max 40 : 800h

Price: 65,00 €

This artisanal collection of scented candles was born in 2002 in the enchanting, intensely-coloured, bewitchingly-scented landscapes of Tanzania. With its proud African heritage, the Baobab Collection has since been developed in Belgium from 2004.

The Baobab Collection is produced in collaboration with the legendary perfumers of Grasse, and each scent is the result of the expertise of artisanal perfume making, with its dedication to quality and art. The result is a scent like no other.

Feathers : Black Rose - Oud wood.

Feathers is embodied in the character of a mix-race child, raised in a family of warriors. Through his incredible adventures, his magical powers are revealed. Beautiful and radiant just like a star, he gives light and awareness to those who approach him and builds wonderful relationships with the animals that he meets. Envied by his uncle, Feathers will have to escape from this hostility to find the path of consciousness. He will leave to discover tribes of new kingdoms. 

Black feathers dance across the opalescent glass in a blend of alternating transparency and opacity. The Feathers candle is at the same time masculine and feminine, a romantic landscape both arctic and volcanic.

Its scent is a blend of the fragility of a black rose and the strength of Oud wood, somewhat like the balance of the ying and the yang.