Sapphire Pearls Scented Candle - Baobab Collection

Sapphire Pearls candle scented with notes of seaweed and myrtle

Pearls Collection - Summer 2014

Handmade - painted mouthblown glass

Download and read usage instructions carefully before use.

Estimated burning times:

Max 10 : 60h
Max 16 : 150h
Max 24 : 400h
Max 40 : 800h

Price: 37,50 €

This artisanal collection of scented candles was born in 2002 in the enchanting, intensely colored, bewitchingly-scented landscapes of Tanzania. With its proud African heritage, the Baobab Collection has since been developed in Belgium from 2004. 

Inspired by nature, an emotion, a journey, or a chance meeting...each perfume is a true scent masterpiece which enriches your interiors and warms your senses. Daring, sensual, mysterious, wild and intriguing, each fragrance takes you on an adventure.

The Baobab Collection is produced in collaboration with the legendary perfumers of Grasse, and each scent is the result of the expertise of artisanal perfume making, with its dedication to quality and art. The result is a scent like no other.

The "Pearls" collection takes its inspiration from this miracle of nature

  • Hauteur 10cm