Zanzibar Spices- Scented Candle - Baobab Collection

Zanzibar Spices scented candle with cinnamon and curcuma notes.

Handmade candle in mouthblown glass. 

Download and read usage instructions carefully before use.

Estimated burning times:

Max 10 : 60h

Max 16 : 150h

Max 24 : 400h

Max 40 : 800h

Price: 51,67 €

This artisanal collection of scented candles was born in 2002 in the enchanting, intensely-coloured, bewitchingly-scented landscapes of Tanzania. With its proud African heritage, the Baobab Collection has since been developed in Belgium from 2004. The 'All Seasons' Collection is a series of ten colours and fragrances that magically transport you back into the very cradle of humanity.

The Baobab Collection is produced in collaboration with the legendary perfumers of Grasse, and each scent is the result of the expertise of artisanal perfume making, with its dedication to quality and art. The result is a scent like no other.

Zanzibar spices: cinnamon / curcuma

Zanzibar is an archipelago located east of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, with a long tradition of trade with the Arab world. Its capital, Zanzibar City is its historic center, and is also known as 'Stone Town'. The spice trade is the main industry of Zanzibar. hence its nickname, 'spice island'.

Cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper are the main spices cultivated in the archipelago.