Platinum -Scented Candle - Baobab Collection

Platinum scented candle with amber, grapefruit and mandarin notes.

Double walled platinum finish pot.

Handmade candle - pot in mouth blown glass.

Download and read usage instructions carefully before use.

Estimated burning times:

Max 10 : 60h

Max 16 : 150h

Max 24 : 400h

Max 40 : 800h

Price: 65,83 €

The Baobab Collection is distinguished by its fabulous collection of scented candles, with their evocative names and beautiful containers. Each fragrance in the Baobab Collection are is a ticket to an olfactory journey, an emotion, or an encounter.

For each new creation, Baobab Collection works with the legendary perfumers of Grasse and Geneva, and each scent is the result of the expertise of artisanal perfume making, with its dedication to quality and art. The result is a scent like no other.

Platinum is a very precious metal, thirty times rarer than gold.  In the 18th century, its rarity prompted Louis XV to declare that platinum was "the only metal fit for a king." The crown of her majesty Queen Elizabeth I of England (the Queen Mother), was the first British crown to be made in this unique metal.

Platinum, with amber, grapefruit and mandarin notes.